Jack wakes up with a black eye and hangover, finds wife’s strange note and starts to cry

Drinking is one of those things that one just can’t seem to escape, no matter how much they try, because of peer pressure. Also, it can be fun when one is responsible and knows what they are doing, but sometimes we lose control and things happen. It is also advisable to have the token sober friend but yeah, some nights it does get wild. I am here to tell you the story of one such night and a man who woke up with a black eye and absolutely no knowledge of what happened the night before.

His name is Jack. Jack almost forced his eyes open one morning and felt his head pounding and his body almost breaking with pain. He had the terrible aftertaste of alcohol in his mouth and it dawned upon him: he had been drinking all of the night before and did not remember what went down. He was just relieved that he had woken up in his own room. What still eluded Jack was the black eye he had. He was not the type to get into fights so it was even more perplexing. He did not know what to do.

As he got out of bed and started making his way outside, he found a note on the table, from his wife. It was a thoughtful and loving note that informed him that he had come home completely inebriated the night before and caused a huge ruckus, but his wife had laid out his clothes and cooked breakfast for him as well. This was the most confusing part, why was his wife so happy after the mess he must have created last night? He started walking towards the living room, in search of clues that might help him piece the night together.

Once he reached his living room, he found his son out there, and the breakfast that his wife had made for him. It smelled delicious. He found no other way than asking his son if he knew what had happened. His son told him that he had been extremely drunk and completely out of it last night and had hit his face on the side table giving himself the black eye, and had puked in multiple places inside the house. What was still a mystery to Jack was his wife’s happiness after all of that had happened but his son explained everything. When his wife was trying to change his clothes and getting him to bed last night, he kept shoving her away and screaming out that he was married. Hearing this sent a wave of calmness through Jack’s body, he hadn’t screwed up where it mattered the most.

Well, this might be a happy drunk story but not all of them are, so make sure that you drink only as much as you can handle and do not go overboard. When on a night out, make sure you have a designated driver but all in all, have fun!

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