20 Characteristics Distinguishing a Gentleman

Idea of who a gentleman is was born from the knighthood traditions at a turbulent time in history. Some critical concepts remain similar between a knight and a gentleman: savior of the weak, compassionate, truthful, and courteous, specifically towards women. But in modern terms how do you identify a gentleman?  

Here goes 20 characteristics of a genuine gentleman:

  1. 1 Holds the Door for you

    He will always hold open the door for others to enter first, again specifically for women.

  2. 2 Punctual

    Gentlemen value people’s time and show their respect by arriving on time.

  3. 3 Safeguards the woman from danger

    Always stay alert regarding potential danger when they are with a woman.

  4. 4 Sacrifices his jacket

    When a woman does not have a jacket and is feeling cold he offers her his jacket forgetting his comfort.

  5. 5 Pulls her seat courteously

    A true gentleman always helps the woman be seated first and makes her comfortable.

  6. 6 Courteous

    Small courtesies like thanking people and saying please go a long way in earning other’s respect.

  7. 7 Sacrificing his seat

    Always helps a woman by offering his seat to her while commuting.

  8. 8 Extends his Arm

    While dating he extends his arms towards her as women enjoy holding the man’s arms while walking on a date.

  9. 9 Table Manners

    While dining out in a classy restaurant, he uses the cutlery in a proper manner to display his refined manners.

  10. 10 Not rude

    He deals with a difficult situation politely thus displaying his calmness and respect.

  11. 11 Picks the bill

    He should always be insistent about paying the bill without expecting anything in return.

  12. 12 Attentiveness

    While conversing with someone, he is always attentive. Alertly notices others and compliments women; they love it.

  13. 13 Never breaks his word

    If there is a promise made, he has to act on it. There is no backing out.

  14. 14 Keeps Secrets safe

    He never breaks someone’s trust by spilling their secrets.

  15. 15 Does Not Kiss and Tell

    Sexual encounters are private and he keeps them that way.

  16. 16 Never Hits Women

    He is the protector of women and in no case should he hit a woman except when the woman is a danger to other’s lives.

  17. 17 Waits at the table

    While dining he waits for everyone and then eats thus showing respect and patience.

  18. 18 Honesty

    He should always utter the truth, irrespective of the consequences.

  19. 19 Gets Things Done

    He should be able to everything and anything right from fixing a car to changing diapers to cooking.

  20. 20 Protector of the weak

    He is strong, ready to save any person who is in danger, putting his life in jeopardy.

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