Science Says That Bald Men Are Stronger And More Confident

Thanks to the constant stress and tension the urban life has given us men, we all have found ourselves increasingly counting the hair on our scalp; and in most cases we have found ourselves looking at bare gardens on our heads prematurely.

Hair-fall and hair growth are things that are dictated by a number of different factors, including overworking, use of chemicals, pollution and diets, but these are not the subjects of our discussion today.

First of all, let us get this out of the bag first: if you think, as a young man his prime, you are unlucky to have lost most of your hair, you are wrong; it is far more common than previously imagined. The American Hair Loss Association says that around 85% of all American men find themselves losing a large quantity of hair before they reach half a century. And what is even sadder, hair loss is so ingrained with the idea of ugliness and aging, that young men in their twenties, on loss of their tresses, might just become victims of depression.

But a recent study has also certified the positive side of this ordeal for men: bald men are far more, scientifically speaking, masculine that men with hair.

It might be that these men try even harder than before on losing their hair. Anyway, the conclusion was that these men are far more dominant than their fully haired counterparts and they are known to put in more effort into things than their peers.

(If you are remembering Bryan Cranston’s Walter White from Breaking Bad, you are not the only one.)

As a matter of fact, studies show that right about when the first bout of major hair loss occurs, men should shave their heads off completely and wear it as a badge of their masculinity. It is known to give off a world-weary look anyway, vibes expected from the wise and sexy-in-a-primal-way kind.

Trying to stow hair loss as something to be ashamed off, or something that is socially unacceptable can be safely thrown out of the window as obsolete notions. In today’s world, where confidence runs a mile more than skill, showing off your life, in which you worked hard and faced more, as implied by your shaved head, might just get you the well-deserved kudos which a head full of honest and long tresses cannot.

Women too find a certain bad-boy charm in someone confident enough to sport a good-old cue-ball look. If you are effortless in your sporting this, it might do wonders for your career as well.

The current corporate scenario too puts a lot of stress on self-confidence and exuding leadership. And nothing speaks leader than a bald head full of experience and wisdom and a well-maintained French-cut beard.

If we are to believe this trend and research, balding might soon be treated as something to be proud of; and if it doesn’t go that far, at least people will stop being shallow and judgemental about it.

It’s your head. Treat it with the respect it deserves.


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