If You Sleep N.a.k.e.d, 7 Surprising Effect It’ll Have On Your Body

Sleeping naked is one idea people might feel weird about. For most, it is a topic of some discomfort. Yet, there are several health benefits that are ensured by this. Some of the most important ones being the lessening of stress and a sound sleep. However, listed here are a few others.

The quality of sperm gets better

Men, if sleep naked at night are sure to have better quality of sperm. It is all about comfort and keeping your testes cool. An increase in temperature due to tight fitted clothes at night, may reduce the quality of sperm. Not only while sleeping, but also during the day, try to wear loose underwear.

You are blessed with sound sleep

If you’ve been suffering from insomnia for quite long, try to sleep naked. This ensures you a deep sleep without feeling either too hot or too cold (do not forget to get inside your blanket). This helps you sleep comfortably in accordance with your ideal body temperature.

Increase in the rate of metabolism

It is very necessary to have a proper sleep to ensure that you have a properly regulated metabolism. Disturbances in sleep will not help you with proper digestion and lead to several gastric problems. A good sleep, helps to burn the extra body fat faster. A deep sleep also reduces chances of unnecessary and disturbing thoughts which would rather leave you feeling cranky throughout the next day. Thus, for a better morning, you are supposed to have a proper sleep which is ideally of eight hours.

Your good hormones get ignited

Oxytocin is generally produced while you are having a sexual intercourse. However, having a deep sleep while you are naked, energizes your oxytocin which makes you feel happy, energized and sensual. This automatically boosts up your mood.

You feel younger

Wearing fitted clothes to sleep stops your body from breathing freely. The body gets unnecessarily warm due to this and disturbs the normal production of growth hormones which builds and repairs new skin cells. Sleeping naked helps you feel cooler and it automatically prevents your body from ageing faster than required. A greater generation of growth hormone protects your skin by rejuvenating new cells and replacing older ones. It also prevents the growth of wrinkles and dark circles under the eye and gifts you with a glowing skin.

Increases your blood circulation

Generally, sleeping or simply lying down lowers your blood circulation. This gets further obstructed if you wear tight night dresses to sleep. Your body needs to feel free for proper blood circulation. Men and women should avoid wearing fitted inners while sleeping. Sleeping naked is very important for the free flow of blood.

Avoids you from gaining unnecessary weight

A proper metabolism which essentially takes place in its best form during the sleep, blesses you with lessening of the body fat. It prevents the accumulation of that extra layer of fat in the first place. People who tend to sleep naked, are less obese than the rest. This is because the body gets the right amount of rest after a tiring day which also encourages better internal functioning.

Sleeping in the nude might take some time acclimatizing to it, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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