People Who Cry During Movies Are The STRONGEST People Of All

You might have come across quite a number of people who cry while watching movies. They might be laughed at for that on grounds that others don’t cry because of lame issues, least of all being movies. The people who actually cry during movies aren’t weak. Rather, they can very well understand the emotions being portrayed by the characters and empathize with them. However, it is necessary to realize that such people are the strongest of all. People who lack the ability to sympathize, somewhere lack humanity. They can never realize the grounds of other’s miseries. They are rather indifferent or simply fail to realize the tribulations of others. As a being who epitomizes humanity, this is a negative thing.

Feeling and caring for others genuinely requires a lot of courage and self-will. These are the people who may or may not have faced the pitfalls of life and hence, understand the gravity of situations. They not only feel and relate to the sufferings of others, but also are themselves strong enough to provide the grieved with moral support. They care for and empathize with people or characters, understanding their plight and can recover at the end of the movie. This is significant of how they can realize the difference between reality and virtual world. However, their empathies are not fake, though they are for a short span of time.

Crying while watching movies can also be a result of relating the situation shown to any prior experience or similar circumstance in one’s own life. Thus, the moment anything acts like a reminder of the personal experiences, it tends to make such people emotional. Such people are generally kind-hearted, gentle, thoughtful, sensitive and good. They are not devoid of emotions and can prove to be best friends or even partners. Some people get attached to the movies and are perturbed due to Stendhal Syndrome or a trance which makes people feel the pain and exhibit emotional attachment to the character or situation. Not just movies, there can be a number of books or a particular kind of music that can stir the emotions of such people and cause them to feel the depth of the character and relate to his/her miseries. Controlling emotions become difficult for such people. Such people by nature may be the ones who open up the most and are not introvert. Thus, this is not a matter to make fun of, and they should be appreciated for their sense of perception.

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