Beauty vlogger from China transforms into Mona Lisa through stunning makeup transformation

“I love playing with makeup. Makeup has become a thing where it’s an art form. It’s not a thing where you use it because you need to feel beautiful or because you don’t like the way you look.”


No, makeup is not something one does to hide flaws or cater to the male gaze or even to conform to societal standards of beauty -it is a medium of self-expression. As Kevyn Aucoin says, makeup is the “first step in learning things about yourself you may never have discovered otherwise. At worst, you could make a big mess and have a good laugh.”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting, “Mona Lisa” with its enigmatic smile and enchanting glance has intrigued people for ages. Many have tried to recreate the magic through art, mostly through paintings. He Yuya, a 27-year-old makeup artist from China has transformed herself into the masterpiece with her unimaginable skill. The realistic and almost magical metamorphosis took around six hours according to the artist. What began as a joke by a follower who challenged her to transform into classical artworks, lead to her insane popularity overnight owing to the viral video. The vlog has crossed over 21 million views and is still being circulated on social media platforms. She has also cloned Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Cate Blanchett through makeup.

The young artist was apprehensive about the reception of her work and worried it might offend someone, but breathed a sigh of relief when she found it has gone viral. An ecstatic, as well as enthusiastic Yuya, told the  Daily Mail, “The response is just overwhelming. I appreciate all the support I’ve received.”

The transformation took a lot of hard work and effort because she had to replicate the exact features of the famous painting. Countless products were used to get the right shade and depth while keeping in mind the essence of the art. Balance is the key to a successful look, the artist must keep in check excessive creative digression as it will result in a completely different look. Like every other form of art, makeup too requires patience and practice, nothing good can come out of impatient trials. Knowing the subject, colors, strokes, brushes, textures – all of this is similar to painting on a canvas and must be mastered if one wishes to produce such magnificent looks. It ain’t simple but neither is it an impossible endeavor.

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