The Purest Form Of Love: The Love Of A Mother And Daughter

The love between a mother and her daughter is one of the most unconditional and purest forms of love human kind will ever know. When a girl is born, she is her mother’s, before anyone else’s. As she grows up, she does not just remain her mother’s daughter but also becomes her friend.

A video was put up on the Facebook page called Maternidade Cor De Rose, about Brenda Coelho De Souza, a 25 year old woman from Brazil, who gave birth to a baby girl. One might wonder why women take the pains of childbirth at all, given the kind of discomfort that the mother goes through and not for a short time, for a good nine months, not considering the time it takes her to recuperate after she has give birth. Not only physical, there are a lot of other changes in a woman’s life after she has a child. Her career has to come to a pause and she has to get used to bearing the responsibility of her baby’s life, but this video sheds light on why they do go through this life altering process.

The video shows Brenda giving birth and the her little baby, Agata, who, when taken closer to her mother after being born through a c-section delivery rubs her face against her mother’s face and also has a hint of almost a smile. This video had been watched over 9 million times on Facebook before it was taken down but it was later uploaded to the YouTube channel called CatersNews and yes, you can still check it out. The video is a window into the unadulterated love shared by Agata and Brenda and at a certain point in the video, one can see Agata breaking out into tears when being taken away from her mother. There are lot of studies everywhere that show that bodily contact is something that really enriches the newborn’s health as well. When Brenda was asked to describe her feelings, she was almost in tears of joy when she said that she has never experienced something like this before and the fact that she could feel such a huge amount of love for another human being was unknown to her.

People who watched this video have left comments saying that it is impossible to not cry after seeing such a precious moment.

When a baby is born, doctors believe that they may not be able to recognise their mothers by their faces but they definitely recognise their voices and are immediately drawn to them. This is the reason why babies generally stop crying when their mother makes cooing sounds in their ears: it calms them down and they are aware of the fact that they are being taken care of and protected; they have nothing to be scared of.

Agata and Brenda’s story has touched hearts all around the globe and is a constant reminder of the fact that there can be no purer relationship than that of a mother and her child.

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