This Extraordinary Story Of The 106-Year Old Superman Will Inspire You Today!

We often fail to find impetus in our daily lives to work hard and strive for success. Success doesn’t appear out of thin air for the cowards out there. Fortune favours the brave and only the daring people get a chance to make the most out of their lives. One such inspiring character is today’s protagonist – Jack Reynolds.

Jack Reynolds is not your regular character. Born in 1912, the 106-year old man is still leading a kick-ass life full of adventurous endeavours and vibrant smiles. At an age when most of us would probably be laid to rest under the ground, Jack has gone on to break Guinness Book records for various events. The latest record-breaking event has startled everyone – even his great-great grandkids!

Having previously broken two Guinness book records for being the “Oldest man to get a tattoo” and “Oldest person to ride a non-inversion rollercoaster” at the age of 104 and 105 respectively, Jack decided to do something extraordinary this year. A man who pledged to make every single birthday legendary, he decided to go zip-lining on the day he turned 106!

The best part of these endeavours is that he doesn’t use his enthusiasm for buying selfish attention. Instead, he gives away everything to support groups – every single dollar he earns through social media promotions and Guinness book earnings.

Mark Mckingley, the official judge of Jack’s crazy adventures, told the media how he felt about his enthusiasm. Not only did he commend his superior impetus to succeed but he also pointed out that each of the events is equally amazing barring one – the zip-line adventure, which he thinks is seemingly impossible for a 106-year old man to pull off.

The video clips of Jack’s zip-line adventure have instantly gone viral on social media. People have reached out to him, exclaiming their surprise and approval for his craziness. Jack’s unadulterated expressions of happiness and enjoyment caught everybody’s attention.

It’s people like Jack who makes us strive for a better life ahead of us. To put in the effort to turn around our lives in times of misery, to see the light at the end of the tunnel and embrace it with a radiant smile, to think about others first – Jack is the epitome of what every person should grow up to be like. Here’s hoping we all grow up to live life like Jack Reynolds – adventurous, fun and self-sufficient.

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